The Key To Staying Safe In Any Situation!

This pocket weapon is an essential tool for women from all walks of life for a good reason. This retractable staff can be easily concealed in your purse or pocket and only takes seconds to retrieve and extend into a staff that can be used as a weapon in the face of menaces. Stay protected and keep yourself defended at all times!

  • Strike With Power

    GirlDojo Pocket Staff is a protective gear constructed to add weight & force behind your every strike to inflict greater pain to incapacitate or stun an assailant. Gearing up with our pocket staff ensures maximum chance at self-defense and provides you with a precious window of time to escape while the assailant is down on the ground. 

  • Head Out the Door with Confidence

    Empower yourself with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself and those around you in times of trouble. Having a guardian in your pocket that can get you out of dangerous situations will provide you with a sense of security and safety wherever you go. 

  • Enhanced Reflexes

    Making the first move is key when you run into trouble. Don’t just stand around and wait for the attacker to act first. Being proactive might just save your life! Our pocket staff is designed specifically for quick reflexes so that you can draw out your weapon in an instant without any hesitation.