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Girl Dojo

GirlDojo Pocket Staff

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Learn to stand up for yourself, be ready to fight if you must! GirlDojo Pocket Staff is the best self-defense weapon you need to bring on your everyday routine. This easy to carry self-defense tool provides a sense of comfort & security especially if you’re walking alone late at night or visiting an unfamiliar place. With just a simple push of the button, the tool will expand into a staff that provides you with the extra distance and leverage to protect yourself against unwanted threats! 

Product Benefits

  • Provide an excellent weapon to defend self from assailants.
  • Gives you comfort to walk alone especially late at night
  • Helps save yourself and loved ones as well, from dangerous situation
  • Prepares you to quickly strike back for any attack that might bring harm.
  • Makes you feel safer to walk in certain areas.
  • Boost self-confidence as you become capable of defending yourself
  • Prevent you from getting assaulted or harassed anywhere.

Product Usage

GirlDojo Pocket Staff goes from two inches to a full size cane instantly! Incredibly easy to use, simply push the button and in just a blink of an eye the cane will pop up strongly! Easy for one hand extending. Quickly defend yourself and get your assailant caught off guard!

Additional Information

  • This is a steel pocket staff, the edge is relatively sharp.
  • Be careful when you open or close the Pocket Staff
  • Don't point to your eyes when releasing.
  • Please keep away from children
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Wear gloves during practice for safer use.

Product Details

Color: White, Black, Pink

Size: 5.7x8.46x3.74 Inch

Material: 100% Biodegradable Viscose